Digital logistics trade media - why you should use them for studies and teaching!

As an interdisciplinary science and globally important branch of industry, logistics combines a multitude of dynamic processes. Just as versatile as the logistical sub-areas are the thematic focuses of German study programs in this field. Whether logistics management, supply chain management, transport logistics or information logistics - students of a logistics degree program should already deal intensively with the current developments and challenges of the international and national market during their studies in order to fully understand the highly complex processes of the multi-layered operations.

This article highlights the added value of our digital logistics media for students and lecturers. In addition, you will get a practical overview of the content orientation of the logistics specialist titles.

Why digital information retrieval is becoming increasingly important for students and teachers

In the course of the digital age, the amount of information is increasing - this also applies to the national and international logistics market. At the same time, the complexity of developments and challenges in the logistics industry is growing. This makes unlimited access to relevant news, specialist articles and information, regardless of time and location, a decisive criterion for understanding market processes in their entirety.

Both students and lecturers are therefore dependent on digitally available specialist knowledge in order to understand the processes of the globally effective logistics sector and its sub-sectors.


Make yourself familiar with the challenges of your profession!

As a future decision-maker or market participant, it is worthwhile to gain an overview of formative developments during your logistics studies and to form a well-founded opinion on the topics of your industry.

Digital expertise prepares you for your job

Substantial added value for your thesis

Statistics, technical articles and news from the current national and international logistics market will show you topics that you might encounter in your future profession. In this way, you will gradually acquire a practical and holistic knowledge of logistics, which will allow you to classify market events in a well-versed manner.


Current processes of the global marketplace also provide you with potential incentives to gain thematic inspiration for your thesis! The pool of digital and industry-specific expertise is also ideally suited for researching your scientific work and developing solutions for your individual problem.


Enrich your course with current facts! Enrich your course with current facts!  

By adding value to teaching content through current topics, you offer your students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of these processes and developments. Thus, technical papers on current challenges such as Industry 4.0 provide the ideal basis for encouraging the participants of your lecture, seminar or web seminar to engage in an exciting discussion. For example, what new opportunities are emerging from automation and what role does Big Data play in value creation? Enliven your course with information on promising topics that will move the industry!

DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung 

The DVV Media Group publishes a number of important logistics trade media. DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung is one of the leading specialist titles in the logistics and transport industry.  The weekly magazine combines topics from logistics, transport policy and economics, freight forwarding, management and law, test and technology and many other areas. With its market-oriented reports, guidebooks and editorials on current developments in the transport and logistics industry, the trade journal provides the ideal foundation for a fact-based opinion. At the same time, weekly changing focal points ensure a balanced variety of topics.

In addition to the weekly regular print and e-paper editions, provides daily news and articles - exclusively for subscribers. In addition, the daily newsletter DVZ Der Tag provides you with relevant information.


Other specialist media that you should use for your teaching or studies

In addition to the DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, the DVZ Brief and the THB Täglicher Hafenbericht offer you specialized industry knowledge, which is ideal for deepening the content of your studies with facts from practical experience.

THB Täglicher Hafenbericht

DVZ Brief

As a daily shipping newspaper, the THB Täglicher Hafenbericht provides you with up-to-date knowledge from the maritime industry. You will read news from German ports and international seaborne cargo handling centres and learn about the latest developments in ship financing and port and transport economics. The outstanding quality of the newspaper is reflected in the enormous depth of its technical articles.

With DVZ Brief you will receive background information, internal news and exclusive information in your mailbox every Thursday. Weekly changing main topics ensure a diversity of content, which helps you to adeptly place current events in the context of the logistics market and to evaluate them in an expert manner. At the same time, the concisely prepared messages give you a quick overview of relevant topics.

Advantageous offers for students and lecturers  

We offer students and lecturers our logistic specialist media at particularly advantageous conditions.



Test our trade media DVZ, DVZ-Brief or THB 6 months free of charge! Our publications are available as practical e-papers. At the same time, access to the websites of the trade media and the daily newsletter give you a constant overview of current market processes. Delivery also ends automatically at the end of the test phase.

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In addition, it is very important to us to support universities in the digitization of teaching content!

Rely on the potential of digital logistics trade media and secure your access now! 

Are you completing or teaching a logistics degree program? Take advantage of the special conditions of our digital offers in order to benefit from industry-relevant specialist articles in renowned specialist titles!

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