Ship&Offshore Special SmartShip 2024

Ship&Offshore Special SmartShip 2024

Ship&Offshore Special SmartShip 2024 Download our Ship&Offshore Special SmartShip 2023. Find collected ideas and approaches.

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The contributions that we are publishing in this Special Edition have an overriding timeless character and should therefore be emphasised. Once again, there are impressive developments that will have a positive impact on our industry in any case.


Progress in artificial intelligence  holds dramatic potential in a variety of maritime applications – be it in shipbuilding, repair and maintenance, navigation or training.  Digitalisation alone, however, will never determine shipping and work on board. While there are still several processes aboard many ships that are not up-todate – which brings with it some potential for improvement and increased efficiency – in the end, of course, it is the people who develop the systems and deploy them on a daily basis who make sure that global trade by sea continues to develop with improved efficiency.