Clever research with the ÖPNV-Archive and the Eurailpress-Archive

Tips for students and teachers in the rail and public transport market 

With the specialized databases Eurailpress-Archiv and ÖPNV-Archiv you have the possibility to access specialized articles from the railroad sector and the public transport market quickly, independent of location and equipment. As a student or lecturer of transport economics, railroad engineering or related disciplines, you will enrich your teaching and research work with uncomplicated access to the digital contents of our renowned titles. This article shows you how you can exploit the information potential of the two full-text databases and benefit from the informative added value of top-class technical literature

Topics of the railroad and public transport sector in the information age

Especially in the digital age, the importance of unbound and goal-oriented acquisition of specialized knowledge is growing. At the same time, the volume of explosive information - both in the railroad industry and in the context of the public transport market - is growing rapidly. Science and business are constantly delivering new findings, factors and technical innovations.

Students and teachers of relevant research branches are thus confronted with an object whose development is progressing dynamically. In order to adequately deal with issues such as current perspectives on mobility, it is necessary to use an intelligent research tool to specifically select topic-related articles.


The Eurailpress Archive & Public Transport Archive: valuable knowledge for study and teaching

DVV Media Group provides you with two high-quality and elegant search interfaces to access the technical articles of the most important publications from the public transport and railroad market. The specialist databases Eurailpress-Archiv and ÖPNV-Archiv are a valuable tool - both for teaching purposes and for research work by prospective scientists.

Targeted research for students

Teaching material for lecturers

Do you want to mention reputable sources in your scientific work or do you need information for a study in the field of rail transport or public transport? Our two subject databases facilitate research for students of railroad engineering, public transport and mobility, traffic and transportation and similar subjects. With the Eurailpress-Archive and the Public Transport Archive you can quickly determine and work out subject-related expertise.

Do you teach future industrial engineers in transportation and railroad engineering or students of related fields of study? Our specialized databases provide you with access to sound knowledge and high-quality professional articles from the German and European public transport and railroad market. Illustrate the topics of your teaching with subject-related articles and offer students the opportunity to deal with the teaching content in detail and analytically.

Digital access to renowned bus and rail transport titles  

The full-text archives enable cross-publication research in our specialist media from the rail and public transport markets. The search leads you to the full texts, which you can download as PDF in the original page layout. Both databases are continuously updated.

Eurailpress Archive 

Here you will find the titles and stocks of our leading rail transport trade media. Conduct targeted research on industry-specific topics - from the automation and digitization of rail traffic to political and legal issues and state-of-the-art infrastructures for personnel and freight transport.

The database contains the following publications:

  • RailBusiness from year 2008
  • ETR – Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau from year 2000
  • EI – DER EISENBAHNINGENIEUR from year 2000
  • SIGNAL+DRAHT from year 2000
  • EIK – Eisenbahn Ingenieur Kompendium from year 2000
  • DER NAHVERKEHR from year 2004
  • Güterbahnen Jahrgang 2009 - 2016 (discontinued) 

ÖPNV Archive

The public transport archive provides access to more than 5000 articles from the established transport trade media. Digital specialist media in this area deal with topics from transport policy and law, transport economics, marketing and infrastructure and show you current market analyses.

In addition to specialist articles from the monthly journal DER NAHVERKEHR from 2004 onwards, you will find up-to-date information and background reports from the weekly news media:

  • NaNa Nahverkehrs-Nachrichten from year 2018
  • NaNa-Brief from year 2016 

Restrict your search and search specifically - here's how it works

The structure of the search interface of the two full text databases Eurailpress-Archiv and ÖPNV-Archiv is identical. The search in the two archives can be compared to the search in an internet search engine. You have the possibility to individually limit your information search according to criteria of your needs. We will show you how this works using the example of the Eurailpress archive.

1. Search for authors

The search for authors can be adapted analogously in the databases ÖPNV-Archiv and Eurailpress-Archiv. To the right of the search field of each archive you will find a selection menu to filter the database according to the contributions of a specific author


2. Limit the search pool - Comparison public transport archive and Eurailpress archive

Depending on your needs, you can limit which publications you want to include in your research. Drop-down menus are available in the Eurailpress archive as well as in the public transport archive 


Compared to the Eurailpress archive, the Public Transport archive also allows a more targeted selection of titles. For example, you can use a quick selection directly in the header of the public transport archive to choose which sources you want to include in the search.


3. Narrowing the search period

Using the drop-down menus "Search from" and "Search to" you can determine the time frame for which the database is to contain technical papers in both the Public Transport Archive and the Eurailpress Archive. You will find the two menus below the search bar.


4. Search for a specific output

If you want to see a concrete output of a publication, you can first select the medium in the "Publication" field. Then the selection menu "Output" appears on the right, which allows you to search more precisely. You can make this specific setting in both the Public Transport Archive and the Eurailpress Archive.


Work specifically with operators and multiword terms!  

Your search is guaranteed to lead to the right information if you specify the search with the Boolean operators AND, NOT and OR. The two archives also register multi-word terms. To do this, place search terms consisting of several words in quotation marks.

Your search could look like this: "railroad 4.0".


Customize your hit list!

The chronology of the hits in the Eurailpress archive and in the public transport archive can be adapted according to your wishes. First, the two archives will display the results depending on the relevance to your search query. You can sort the results in descending or ascending order.

The hits of each article contain a short description text that lists the metadata of the article. To get access to the full text, you need an account.


Advantageous offers for students, lecturers and university libraries

Basically you can test the ÖPNV Archive and the Eurailpress Archive for 30 days! In addition, the download of complete issues and individual articles is included in the magazine subscriptions and archive packages.

Irrespective of this, we have special offers for students, teachers and university libraries.



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