SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION - the specialist medium for control and safety technology SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION is the specialist medium for control and safety technology as well as communication and information technology in rail traffic in German and English.

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SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION is the leading international trade medium for signaling and datacommunication in the railway sector. With ten issues per year, the monthly magazine offers a deep insight into automation and digitization of rail traffic, ETCS and WTMS, switches and level crossings. SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION appears bilingual throughout in German and English. Founded in 1906, the publication looks back on a long tradition and has been a pioneer and companion of modern signalling, communication and information technology in rail transport for more than 110 years.

The SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION Advisory Board is made up of leading figures from the entire rail transport industry and thus reflects a who's who of the rail industry.

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