Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2023

Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2023

Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2023

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Climate neutral with AI?

Can we stop the climate catastrophe with the development and application of intelligent technologies rather than with moderation and renunciation? Opinions probably diverge strongly here – not least among governing politicians. The truth probably lies – as so often – in the middle. In order to continue to generate growth and – yes – to secure our prosperity sustainably without further depleting the earth, we must also be able to rely on appropriate technologies. However, what must not be forgotten is that the development of every intelligent technology always comes with a carbon footprint.

AI can be used for comprehensive computational models and pattern recognition – in shipbuilding, shipping and ports, and thus supports the development of reliable, sustainable technologies. That smart technology and the need to make shipping greener are closely linked is nothing new. This GreenTech special edition bears witness to this once again.