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With renowned trade media for the market sectors of defense, energy, logistics, maritime, public transport and rail, the DVV Media Group offers a specialist and industry-relevant range of products and services from which market decision-makers and interested parties can benefit. The repertoire of our specialist titles includes not only magazines and newspapers. For each of our six markets, we regularly publish themed issues, books, reports and magazines that present relevant knowledge and current topics in a clear and concise manner. The range of topics covered is not only aimed at decision-makers and market participants; you will also find publications that highlight career opportunities and professional possibilities within the industry.

This article shows you the latest themed issues and specials from the Defence, Energy, Logistics, Maritime, Public Transport and Rail sectors.

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What topics are covered in our themed booklets, books and reports?

To fully understand the dynamics and complexity of the developments and events that define your market, you need detailed analyses and background information. With themed issues, studies, reports and books, we provide you with a body of knowledge that addresses highly topical and relevant issues in your industry. Our thematic titles present you with a concise overview of processes, make political classifications and provide helpful assessments of significant market players.

At present, the Brexit in particular is preoccupying the logistics industry and posing the question of the possible effects this decision will have on the market. Equally important are the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, which is spreading to all markets and thus affects energy, logistics, public transport and rail. In addition, you will find articles on special topics such as the NEAT (New Rail Link through the Alps), and we regularly cover career topics in detailed issues.

Our range of specialist titles for the Defence, Energy, Logistics, Maritime, Public Transport and Rail market sectors includes:

  • Dossiers
  • Thematic issues
  • Letters
  • Magazines
  • Reports and study areas
  • Books

Our classics and current innovations for all markets at a glance

Key themed issues, books and reports published by our market divisions include:

In the following, we present the latest innovations among the themed booklets and specials for the Defence, Energy, Logistics, Maritime, Public transport and Rail markets.

Current specials and interesting trade media for the energy market

EID Tankstellen-Special 01/2021 EID Chronik: Das Energiejahr 2020

The current EID Tankstellen-Special 01/2021 focuses on the effects of the Corona pandemic on the fuel sales market. You will read detailed analyses, interviews and background reports on the German service station market under corona conditions.

  • available as book or e-book

In the EID Chronik des Energiejahres 2020 you will find a quick and clear overview of the events that moved the energy market last year. Here you can track developments or research concrete figures.

  • available as e-book

Sie interessieren sich insbesondere für klimaneutrale Kraftstoffe?

The current LNG Report 2020/2021 covers the development and future of LNG as a liquid fuel and contains exciting facts and articles on alternative fuels!


Interesting themed booklets for the logistics sector

DVZ Topic Booklet: Logistik 2020 DVZ Topic Booklet: Logistik auf der Schiene

Das aktuelle DVZ Topic Booklet: Logistik 2020 widmet sich der Herausforderung der Logistikwirtschaft in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie. Hierbei geht es insbesondere um die Sicherstellung der Versorgung und um die Erhaltung der Wirtschaftskreisläufe.

  • available as e-book

The DVZ Topic Booklet: Logistik auf der Schiene ocuses on the progress of rail freight transport. The trade publication contains exciting answers to relevant questions that are currently occupying rail transport.

  • available as e-book

You can also find out more about digital trends in the current DVZ-Dossier Digitale Plattformen!


Current specials and themed issues for the maritime industry

THB Topic Booklet: Trimodale Logistik
Ship&Offshore Special Green Tech 2020

The THB: Themenheft Trimodale Logistik The THB: Trimodal Logistics issue takes a look at current developments in project and plant logistics. It also looks at the need for cooperation between decision-makers, which is particularly important in view of the current COVID 19 pandemic.

  • available as e-book

In its annual English-language special issue Green Tech 2020 Ship&Offshore highlights exciting and viable alternative fuels and environmentally friendly technologies and retrofit options that are enriching the shipping industry.

  • available as e-book

Are you interested in a career in the shipping sector?

Then take a look at our current issue of Talents for Maritime 2020!


Current themed issues and magazines in public transport

Topic booklet: Karriere bei Nahverkehr & Bahnen 2020 Public cable trans – urban cableways for public transport

Are you studying or about to complete your school education and would like to start your career in public transport? Our Karriere bei Nahverkehr & Bahnen 2020 issue shows you exciting opportunities for starting your career in this promising industry.

  • available as e-book

The issue Public cable trans is dedicated to the general conditions that are important for the use, planning and approval of ropeways in public transport. The trade magazine is published bilingually in German and English.

  • available as e-book (free)

Would you like to know what impact the COVID 19 pandemic will have on local public transport? Find out more in the latest Der ÖPNV-Report Deutschland 2020/2021. Equally exciting is our special edition Elektrobus-Spezial 2020, which gives you a look at the current state of electric mobility in public transport.

Current range of topics in the Rail division

ETR Special NEAT 2020 ETR Science Edition 2020

Das Themenheft ETR Special NEAT 2020 zeigt die Entwicklung und Realisierung des NEAT-Projekts. Hier lesen Sie spannende Beiträge zur Entstehung der drei abgeschlossenen Alpentunnel, die den Güterverkehr in der Region revolutionieren.

  • available as e-book

Die ETR Science Edition 2020 stellt in der aktuellen Erstausgabe wissenschaftliche Arbeiten zahlreicher Forschungsfelder zum Bahnsystem vor. Dabei wird das Magazin ausschließlich digital und in englischer Sprache veröffentlicht.

  • available as e-book

Equally important is the EIK 2021- Eisenbahn Ingenieur Kompendium. The renowned knowledge compendium is dedicated to relevant fundamental topics that affect both the technology and the management of railroad systems.

Topic titles with current relevance in the Defence sector

The Griephan Edition 01/2020: Strategische Chance Weltraumbahnhof deals with the opportunities and advantages that a station in space opens up for Germany and Europe.

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