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Since its foundation in 1906, the trade journal SIGNALLING & DATACOMMUNICATION has been a pioneer and companion of modern signal, communication and information technology in rail transport.
New Ships Abonnement New Ships
New Ships is an exclusive weekly information service. New Ships provides brief reports on the most important developments in the international shipbuilding industry.
Ship&Offshore Abonnement Ship&Offshore
The English language publication Ship&Offshore prepares maritime technical information for the global shipbuilding and offshore market. Order now!
Maritime Archives Premium Maritime Archives
The Maritime Archive contains cross-publication articles that can be sorted by relevance and date. Each hit has a short description text and is available for download.
Eurailpress-Archiv Eurailpress-Archiv
The Eurailpress-Archiv offers the possibility to search for relevant specialist information in a database across publications by means of the completely revised search interface and modern search technology.
EEK - Technology & Transformation of fossil and green energy EEK - Technology & Transformation of fossil and green energy
EEK offers in each issue a balanced range of topics from prospecting and extraction of crude oil nd natural gas, application of mineral oil products, petrochemicals, hydrogen, deep geothermal energy, up to conversion of carbon carriers. Order now.
Energie Archives Energie Archives
In the Energie Archiv current articles from the EID Energie Informationsdienst, EEK Erdöl Erdgas Kohle and OIL GAS European Magazine are continuously updated.
World Rail Market Study 2020 World Rail Market Study 2020
The eighth edition of the UNIFE World Rail Market Study once again provides a comprehensive view of the current status and expected development of the total and accessible world rail supply market - incl. effects of COVID-19. Order now!
ETR Science Edition 2020 ETR Science Edition 2020
In the first edition of the ETR Science Edition, a digitally distributed special edition, you can read scientific papers in English from all research fields of the entire railroad system.
Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2021 Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2021
Download our Ship&Offshore Special GreenTech 2021 and find collected ideas and approaches.
Rail Impacts (english edition) Rail Impacts (english edition)
Rail Impacts provides you with an up-to-date overview of the increasingly dynamic rail market with a focus on ETCS, ATO/CBTC and FRMCS. Order now!
World Investment Study Transport and Logistic World Investment Study Transport and Logistic
The unique overview of listed companies from the logistics sector! Available separately: Exclusive data matrix of logisticsrelated investments of the international fund industry! Preorder now!
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