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European Bus Data European Bus Data
European Bus Data provides comprehensive information on the registration numbers for buses and coaches in Europe. It covers the EU27 countries plus the UK, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. It includes registrations of new buses and coaches over eight tonnes gross vehicle weight, both city buses and coaches. Special analyses deal with minibuses and midibuses between three and a half and eight tonnes gross vehicle weight as well as alternative drivelines for city buses.
ETR Special: International 2023 ETR Special: International 2023
Die aktuelle englischsprachige ETR-Sonderausgabe 2023 ist da! Renommierte Fachautorinnen und -autoren teilen in 9 Beiträgen ihr Wissen u.a. zu Einsatzmöglichkeiten für KI, der Entwicklung eines Wasserstoff-Hybrid-Antriebs sowie zum Sachstand bei großen Digitalisierungsprojekten wie DAK oder Digitale Streckenplanung. Ein ausführlicher Messevorbericht zur TRAKO 2023 rundet diese Ausgabe ab.
World Rail Market Study 2022 World Rail Market Study 2022
The ninth edition of the UNIFE World Rail Market Study once again provides a comprehensive view of the current status and expected development of the total and accessible world rail supply market. Order now!
ETR Science Edition 2020 ETR Science Edition 2020
In the first edition of the ETR Science Edition, a digitally distributed special edition, you can read scientific papers in English from all research fields of the entire railroad system.
Rail Business Report Scandinavia Buch Rail Business Report Scandinavia
The “Rail Business Report Scandinavia” is the only study in the market which offers the reader a detailed analysis of the existing market structure on the level of market segments, market functions and company sizes.