The Energy Archive as a source of information for energy industry topics

Targeted & successful research with digital specialist media from DVV Media Group

The energy market offers future specialists an enormous amount of career opportunities. The effects of the energy turnaround are becoming more and more apparent, increasing the relevance of renewable energies such as hydropower, geothermal energy, bioenergy or wind energy. At the same time, conventional energy resources are an important factor in securing the supply. Anyone who decides on a career in the energy sector must have an eye for the big picture in order to be able to make decisions that take all relevant criteria into account.

Whether environmental sciences, energy technology or renewable energies - the DVV Media Group offers students and teachers a very versatile source of research with the Energy Archive. In this article we show you how you should use the database to access the specialist knowledge of our renowned titles in a targeted manner.

The Energy Archive gives you access to the relevant topics of your industry

The Energy Archive is a valuable source of information that allows you to make precise information queries for your presentation or thesis. It is not only students who benefit from unrestricted access to all technical articles in our titles. Lecturers or lecturers will find teaching material in the topics that are currently affecting the energy industry to encourage students to discuss explosive developments in depth.

The great advantage of the digital energy archive:

With just a few clicks, all articles that have been published on a specific topic can be accessed in full and across all publications. This allows both students and teachers to conduct in-depth and comprehensive research - regardless of device, location or time!

All quality titles of the energy market - united in one database 

The digital media offer of the Energy Archive extends to three different specialist publications, whose thematic diversity gives you plenty of scope for your search.

Energie Informationsdienst (EID)


OIL GAS European Magazin

The EID has been published since 1947 and provides in-depth reporting on the German and European energy market. It provides information on important developments in all energy sources and addresses relevant topics such as renewable energies, digitalization networks and energy storage.

 The Energy Archive as a source of information for energy industry topics.

As a technical scientific journal, the EEK is dedicated to the exploration and production of onshore energies. The storage and application of natural gas and crude oil is also addressed. The journal also deals with developments in petrochemistry and geoenergy.

 Our digital subject database contains all EEK contributions from the year 2001 onwards.

OIL GAS European Magazine is published in English and features articles on the oil and gas industry. The focus is on upstream and downstream technology. Major projects, processes and technical innovations are also addressed in this internationally relevant magazine.

 In the archive you will find all professional articles of the OIL & GAS European Magazine since the year 2000.

Clever research with the Energy Archive

Quick and uncomplicated access to articles that contain information you need for your student research project or seminar - with the Energy Archive this is possible in an uncomplicated way. In the search field, you can enter the topic for which you would like to search for specialist articles.

Our tip: Work with the so-called Boolean operators when entering your search term if it consists of several words. In this way you can ensure that the posts you enter will meet your interest even with complex queries.

The most common operators are "AND", "OR" and "NOT".

When searching our archive, you can refine your search by making numerous adjustments, thus systematically increasing the relevance of the hits!

Search for specific authors

Would you like to research contributions by a specific author on a specific topic? Click on the arrow symbol next to the search field. An area opens where you can enter the name of the author. 


  Use the possibility to limit the search pool!

Not all of our publications may be relevant to your search. The Energy Information Service(EID), EEK - ERDÖL ERDGAS KOHLE and OIL GAS European Magazine each focus on different topics. It is therefore worthwhile to only include titles in your research that are relevant to your topic.

By default the database includes all publications in the query. However, you can easily select the titles in the Energy Archive.

Use the quick selection above the header to browse the knowledge base of a specific specialist title.


Alternatively, you can use the drop-down menu "Publications" below the search field to select the trade media.


Looking for a specific issue?

In order to limit the appearing search results for a publication to a specific issue or edition, you must first select the corresponding title via the drop-down menu or via the Queck selection in the header. Then another menu appears on the right where you can select the desired edition.


Adjust the time frame!

The energy market is undergoing active change - so if you would like to know more about developments in a specific period of time, a short signal to Energie-Archiv is sufficient. Limit the time frame of your search on a specific topic using the drop-down menus "Search from" and "Search to". You will see both selection options below the search field.


Customize hit list and find suitable information even faster

After you have completed your search, the Energy Archive will play out all contributions that match your search and display them according to their relevance to your query. You can adjust the sorting and sort the hits by date or weight.

For each entry you will see a crisp description text, which names the meta data of the respective article and gives you a first impression of the content of the text.

To access the full text of the article, access to the Energy Archive is required.

Students, university libraries and teachers benefit from special offers

We support future specialists and teachers with industry-relevant knowledge of the energy market. This means that we provide you with our digital energy trade media at special conditions.



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Prepared backgrounds, news and facts to help you advance in your studies - students test the digital editions of OIL GAS, EEK or EID 6 months for free!

You teach as a lecturer at a university? We offer you the opportunity to use our digital professional publications for your teaching free of charge!



Unrestricted access to our information sources on your campus - university libraries can have access to the Energy Archive free of charge for 3 months!




Would you like to back up your scientific thesis with sound facts or inspire the participants of your seminar with exciting debates on current innovations in the energy industry?

 Rely on the intelligent search interface of the Energy Archive for flexible & digital access to all contents of our specialist titles.


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